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Hardwood- Hardwood flooring remains to be one of the most traditional of flooring choices.  The popularity of hardwood has remained constant over the years and for many good reasons.  Hardwood flooring, while beautiful, is also very hypo-allergenic.  Unlike carpet, dust is easily removed from the surface of Hardwood flooring.  There are many species and options to choose from, as well.  Everything from rustic characteristics, to very little grain pattern.  Bamboo has also recently joined the hardwood family and is an extremely durable and environmentally friendly product.  Solid strand woven bamboo is one of the toughest hardwood flooring you can find.

Sheet Vinyl - Sheet Vinyl is an excellent choice for those that want a one-piece type of flooring.  Sheet vinyl has made advancements and changes over the years and is now available in a fiberglass reinforced product.  These are more dimensionally stable and also offer flexibility with installation.  Some are available in 13'2" wide which are a benefit in installation where using a 12' would have required a seam. 

Laminate - Laminate is also a good choice in flooring when you want the look of wood, but with a durable scratch resistant surface.  Laminate offers solutions in installation with the ability to go over some existing flooring conditions.  Laminate is a locking/floating flooring, which attaches to itself and not directly to the floor.

Vinyl Tile - Vinyl tile is a great choice when the cost of ceramic is not an option, but obtaining the look is. Vinyl tile now comes available in grout-able products, which provides the look of actual ceramic tile floor.  Also available are numerous wood-look patterns in as many options as you find in actual wood floors.  The newest generation of vinyl tile is a "hybrid" product which takes the floating/locking option and thickness of a laminate floor and crosses it with a vinyl tile; giving you a thicker locking/floating vinyl floor. 

Carpet - Carpet is still the most basic type of flooring, when you're looking for comfort and warmth under your feet.  Carpet is becoming more and more popular with production being Polyester fiber, in lieu of Nylon fiber.  Polyester yarns have come a long way, and are made in softer options, that are very resistant to staining.  Nylon is still available in many options as well, and is still a popular choice for many.   

Porcelain/Ceramic Tile - Porcelain/Ceramic tile is our star of the show.  The familiar term "ceramic" is what most consumers refer to tile as, however, tile manufacturers have switched their production of ceramic over to porcelain material, making most of the tile offered within our showroom 90% porcelain and 10% ceramic.  It is a deceiving term "porcelain" when thinking of strength and durability of flooring material.  In the raw state, a porcelain powder can be ground down finer than a ceramic powder, therefore when pressed together to form tiles the particles can be compressed much tighter giving the strength and almost no water absorption characteristic that porcelain has over ceramic.  Not all porcelain is made the same as the next.  To be classified as "porcelain" it must pass standards set by the TCNA (Tile Council of North America) classifying it as such.  Porcelain tile offers the most flexibility and design options when it comes to flooring adding character to home design.  Multiple sizes can be used to create patterns, accent tiles can be used in conjunction with field (main) tile to create visual affects, not to mention the multiple patterns, shades, and coloration that can be found in the tile alone.  It is by far our favorite product to work with and we have been told by many customers, who venture in, that we have the BEST selection in the area.  Not only are floors a factor in this category, but unlike the other categories listed above, this product can go on walls, counter tops, etc.  Beautiful shower and tub surrounds can be achieved with porcelain tile.  Eye-catching back splashes in kitchens and also bathrooms are an option.  Add in coordinating glass, stone, decorative accents and then you really have something beautiful in your home.

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